• AdWise

    AdWise is social recommendation, discount, and also payments platform where everybody can profit on recommending products or services to his or her friends.

    Technologies: Rest, Estimote, Alamofire, AFNetworking, Realm, Facebook

  • Kuwait Census

    Kuwait Census App is made for Kuwait government to let people, especially businesses get any possible statistical information with geo spatial data from Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau.

    Technologies: Xamarin, Rest, GeoSpatial

  • Quiiva

    Quiiva is a carpooling app which lets you find people who drive to events which you are want to go.

    Technologies: RestKit, Facebook Open Graph, MapKit

  • Squarer

    Squarer app is the most artistic and easiest way to post entire photos onto Instagram. If you use Instagram and you want to put there your beautiful landscape and portrait photos Instagram will crop it to square. And it's really annoying that you may miss some great parts of your photos.

  • Uv Lamp

    Have you ever been curious about secret bills security signs, that illuminates only in blacklight? You can see it by using this coolest iOS tool ever! Point phone camera on a banknote, and turn on the UV lamp. You will see your note illuminated with hidden UV security signs. Next you can scan note to see where exactly UV securities are.

    Technologies:Vuforia Augmented Reality, Unity3D

  • Photo Painter

    Make paintings better than Picasso! Turn any photo into unique art with the best realistic oil painting filter app in the App Store, and share it on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and everywhere.

    Technologies: Image Processing, OpenCV, IAP

  • Power Dice

    Power Dice is phenomenal 3D Yahtzee game. Lets you play with people and collect very unique artistic dice. Every game is the risk because you can lose your dice set, or win a new set from someone.

    Technologies: Unity3D, GameCenter, IAP, Facebbok OpenGraph, Multiplayer P2P

  • Woda bez butelek

    Woda bez butelek is simple crowdsourcing application made for Sendzimir Foundation. It collects data, and lets you get information about places where you can drink clear water for free.

    Technologies: RestKit, MapKit

  • Power Align

    Power Align is for shaft alignment engineers. Lets you calculate very precisely how much you have to move the motor to set its shaft in perfect alignment with second machine.

  • Newton Game Dynamics

    Newton Game Dynamics is OpenSource 3D OpenGL game engine. Contribution to this project was porting existing C++ Windows version of this library to iOS, and make it work on iPhone 2 and iOS 2.2 at 60 FPS. Additionally TCP/IP networking was added.

    Technologies: OpenGL, Newton Game Dynamics, TCP/IP